Often patterns are created from past experiences   and become stored in the subcortical Brain (aka the emotional brain) and creates negative belief patterns and emotional blocks in your life.  BrainSpotting, which is a neurobiological technique, uses eye positions to tap into the subcortical brain where emotional patterns about chronic stress and trauma are held.  This technique allows these emotional and energetic patterns to be released so new and healthy patterns can form.  It seems to rewire the brain and encourage new patterns of neurons to fire that support greater emotional and spiritual health.  Brainspotting can be used for release/processing work, deep healing, and expansion work. 

The release work enables old patterns and belief systems to rewire into a new perspective or experience so that you can feel freer and Intune with your authentic self.  This often creates a decrease in unbeneficial symptoms such as anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness, etc. and allows for new possibilities in emotions, beliefs, and actions to begin. 

The deep healing allows the mind, body, and soul to drop into a deep state of relaxation that can take you beyond regular relaxation.  In this deep state, it allows for greater healing to occur therefore cultivating greater harmony and balance on all levels.

The expansion model allows you to enhance a trait or skill such as sports performance, creativity for creatives, confidence/self-esteem/empowerment or other personal traits, and can also help spiritual individuals enhance their spiritual gifts and connection. 

Check out some of the possible benefits that clients have reported:

  • Improved motivation
  • – decrease in negative thought patterns
  • – improved focus
  • – feeling more balanced
  • – improved mindset
  • – a clearer mind
  • The ability to make healthier choices
  • More effective in Setting boundaries
  • More emotional freedom
  • Decrease in anxiety, depression, and trauma triggers
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved confidence
  • Decrease physical pain
  • Improve creativity
  • Speed up healing


 And so much more!

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A single Reiki Brainspotting Session is $175

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$475 for 3 Reiki Brainspotting sessions used within 4 months **Savings of $50**

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