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Brainspotting for Blind - Visually Impaired and Enhanced Attunement

Embark on a transformative journey with our specialized Brainspotting training, tailored specifically for Brainspotting Therapists eager to extend their expertise to the visually impaired and blind community. This comprehensive course unveils innovative strategies and frames, meticulously designed to augment your proficiency in addressing the distinct needs of those with sight impairments.
Delve deep into the nuances of the visually impaired/blind community, gaining insights into how sight challenges uniquely shape their experiences during Brainspotting sessions. Our curriculum emphasizes practical, easy-to-implement techniques, ensuring you’re well-equipped to customize your approach for each individual’s requirements.
The latter half of our training shifts focus to the art of enhanced attunement. Learn to fine-tune your empathetic connection with clients of all backgrounds, discovering how this heightened sensitivity can profoundly impact the therapeutic process. Special attention is given to how enhanced attunement can facilitate deeper, more meaningful progress in clients from the visually impaired/blind community.
Join us in this enlightening training, and elevate your Brainspotting practice to new heights, making a lasting difference in the lives of those you serve.
About Jenna:

Jenna has been in the mental health field for over 15 years. She   was visually impaired since age 10 and in 2012 she became totally blind. Losing her vision became the catalyst into learning more eastern philosophies of healing and energy work.  She has been able to tap into this unseen world around us and uses this ability to enhance her BrainSpotting practice. She has been utilizing BrainSpotting in her therapy practice since 2017 and began combining BrainSpotting with Reiki a few years later.  As a blind BrainSpotting therapist she brings a unique understanding of how to work with other blind and visually impaired populations. Her sensitivity to energy has helped her to strengthen her attunement and connection to clients therefore enhancing healing.


Friday Otober 4, 2024 10am EST to 6pm EST

Friday October 11, 2024 10am EST to 6pm EST

Friday November 1, 2024 10am EST to 12pm EST

  • This training is virtual and will meet over zoom. The zoom link will be emailed to you after signing up and again a day prior to the training.
  • Please note Phase One in Brainspotting is a prerequisite for this training

Cost: $495

Please contact Jenna at Jenna@holisticawakenings.com 

for payment plans or if there is financial hardship

Please use this link to register: https://mailchi.mp/holisticawakenings.com/brainspotting-training-signup

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