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Living Potentials Drum Circle

the drum circle group, gathered outside all engaged in the class

Explore the Rhythmic Journey:

Immerse yourself in our unique, one-off drum circle workshop designed for enthusiasts of all skill levels. This engaging session invites you to delve into the heart of communal music-making, showcasing the drum as a powerful tool for connection, healing, and creative expression.

The Transformative Power of Drumming:

Drumming isn’t just about creating rhythm; it’s a gateway to a deeper sense of community and personal well-being. Studies have shown the therapeutic effects of drumming, including stress reduction and improved mood. Engage with this ancient practice that echoes through generations and across cultures, fostering a shared experience that’s both uplifting and profound.

Workshop Highlights:

Our session offers a blend of free play jamming and structured learning, including:

  • Mastering specific African rhythms that carry the essence of traditional ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Experimenting with general patterns adaptable to various drum circles.
  • Engaging in call and response, a fundamental musical conversation that enhances listening and coordination.
  • Collaborative creation of new rhythmic patterns, encouraging innovation and personal expression.

Bring your own drums, or use the ones we will provide.

We strongly recommend making a Donation for the event.

Please note the event will be held :

Holy Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church

604 4th St, Catasauqua, PA 18032

For Everyone:

Whether you’re picking up a drum for the first time or you’re an intermediate player looking to deepen your practice, this workshop provides a welcoming and supportive environment to explore your potential. We’ll focus primarily on the djembe, but don’t be surprised if we introduce the ashiko or dundun into our rhythmic explorations.

Connect and Create:

This workshop is more than learning to play; it’s about experiencing the joy and unity that comes from making music together. Discover how drumming can be a healing force for both the individual and the community, promoting a sense of belonging and shared joy.

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