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Jenna Galligani, MS, LPC

Jenna has been in the mental health field for over 15 years. She has blended western and eastern philosophies of healing into an integrative approach that taps into layers of the mind, body, energy systems, and soul that facilitates a deeper level of balance and harmony. She uses a unique blend of holistic modalities such as Brainspotting, intuitive energy work, and other mind/body approaches to help clients to release blocks and limiting beliefs so that individuals can awaken to their soul’s truth and live with more intuition, healing, and connection.  She combines Brainspotting, which taps into the limbic system (aka the emotional brain) of the brain with intuitive Reiki/energy work so that her clients experience a shift on a quantum level creating the potential for healing and expansion physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Anthony utilizes a holistic approach to counseling, understanding there is an essential connection between mind, body, and spirit. He believes if we want to improve our lives all three elements of the self must work in harmony. His approach is to integrate holistic treatments to address physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Understanding our thoughts, feelings and behaviors is very important, but evaluating what we consume, and our level of activity is equally important. Incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices also play a significant role in healing and wellness. Anthony’s integrative approach helps clients restore the body and the mind by reducing stress, reframing thoughts, and reevaluating habits and patterns. He encourages clients to pursue healthy lifestyle changes, create a purpose, and find meaning to bring their lives into balance. Ultimately, he seeks to help clients break free from destructive behaviors and enjoy a new and improved state of mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

Anthony is also passionate about sports and loves working with athletes. He uses the same principles of connecting the mind and body to incorporate mental performance training with athletes. For athletes, understanding that connection, and the role played by attitude, emotions, and perspective is just as important as physical training. His goal is to help athletes work on the mental side of sports by improving confidence, focus, composure, and mental toughness. He helps athletes overcome perfectionism, performance anxiety, frustration, injury recovery, and disinterest.

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Lori has been in healthcare for many decades, and holds various healthcare degrees and certifications. It was through her work as a primary care provider that she realized conventional medicine was not meeting the healthcare needs of her patient population. Her patient’s were getting sicker and med lists were getting longer. It was at this point that she sought out to understand how the body could heal itself, and started to study functional medicine.  After three years of post degree study through the Institute for Functional Medicine, she became 1 of 1800 certified world wide functional medicine practitioners. Lori continues to learn and expand her clinical knowledge through on line forums that serve as networks for functional medicine practitioners world-wide.

Lori, throughout her healthcare experiences would call upon her innate ability called intuition to navigate the care of the sickest of patients in the ICU.  She knew and understood that not all could be explained through the 5 senses – and described this “extra sense” as being sourced by God. Later, Lori realized what she tapping into was indeed a universal source healing energy, and began to study Reiki healing. Lori holds a Reiki Master certification and utilizes intuitive healing during her reiki sessions to facilitate a holistic, mind-body-soul connection as her patient’s embrace their personal journey of healing. Her intuitive gift serves to enhance the functional medicine lens of root cause medicine.

Lori, has been at the bedside of the death and the dying and their families throughout her healthcare tenure. She brings her training as a healthcare profession, experiences and her innate spiritual gifts to the dying person bedside. She offers a communal and healing experience as the dying person transitions from this life into the next. Lori serves all people of all ages and animals during the life-death transition. She engages the difficult and complex emotions of the dying process to all involved. Her spiritual gifts are that of psychic mediumship and reiki healing. She studied and continues to study under the world -renowned British psychic mediumistic tutor named Andy Bing. 

Kimberly L. Fredericks, MS, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 20 years’ experience in the mental health field.  A “traditionally” educated and trained therapist in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Kimberly has always known there is more to what can help us on our journey than transcends our five senses. Deeply drawn over the course of her life toward spirituality and metaphysical knowledge and approaches to healing, she has sought to integrate her education, post graduate training, and experience into an integrative wellness approach.   As an eclectic approached counselor, Kimberly’s passion is rooted in partnering with fellow souls and assisting them to utilize their unique strengths on their path toward transcending past suffering and healing to become the best version of themselves.  In a welcoming space Kimberly brings a strong sense of humor and lighthearted nature to the conversation. 

Kimberly is a Master Level Reiki practitioner and specializes in Past Life Regression/Therapy (certified by Dr. Brian L. Weiss), Brainspotting, Mindfulness, and is an Internal Family Systems informed therapist.  You can engage with Kimberly on a fee for service (out of pocket non-insurance covered) basis and/or she is in-network with numerous health insurance companies to provide outpatient mental health therapy.  Insurance based services are provided to those whose functioning would qualify for a mental health diagnosis, as this is required by insurance companies.

Laurie Wagner Storlie is a Licensed RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Healing Meditation Facilitator, an Intuitive Love & Intimacy Coach and a Parent Support Coach. She teaches a variety of healing workshops, classes and offers private hypnotherapy and RTT® sessions as well as ongoing Coaching Programs.

Her work helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their life journey, their inner struggles, and their relationship challenges. The answer to overcoming your challenges and mental blocks is often times written in the subconscious mind. Laurie wholeheartedly believes that what we learned or were told about ourselves in the past can taint our life experience, diminish our light and lead to a frustrating life experience of repeating the same patterns over and over again. True transformation and healing begins with the openness and willingness to identify these negative patterns, and take steps towards interrupting them, and installing new and beneficial ones.

“Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) changed my life in such a profound way. For years I struggled to come to terms with the person that I saw reflected in the eyes of those around me, and the person that I knew I truly was. I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see me…the real me… who I really felt like inside. RTT® not only helped me discover that the person buried deep beneath the rubble of judgment and limiting beliefs was my authentic self, it also helped me completely embody my authentic self and live a life that I deserve…a life on my terms .” ~Laurie Wagner Storlie

Take that first step towards your true self…your authentic self. Isn’t it time to shed old beliefs that no longer serve you and step into your true power and live the life you know you were meant to live?

Laurie has been trained, licensed and certified by Marisa Peer. Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) trainer and best-selling author. She has nearly three decades of experience as a therapist and has been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.

Sharon Lee Villone is a Narcissistic Abuse Support and Recovery Coach, Author, Former Columnist and lifetime student of human relationships. Her knowledge of narcissism and narcissistic abuse is based on decades of personal experience that led her on a healing journey of self-discovery. Recognizing her own co-dependency and her role as an empath in repeated narcissistic relationships was vital to her healing process. Extensive research and her desire to help others prompted her to start NASAG, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor and Awareness Group, in 2019. Since its inception, the forum has provided more than 500 victims of narcissistic abuse a safe space to share their story as well as an opportunity to listen to others who can relate and understand their experience. The steady growth and popularity of NASAG is a continuous reminder of the need within our society to spread awareness and information about narcissistic abuse.

Sharon continues to write, convenes and facilitates support group meetings, social recovery events, and one-on-one support sessions. As a practitioner at Holistic Awakenings, she is dedicated to the cause, believes in a complete program of personal growth and wellness, and will champion your next steps to finding peace, joy, and self-love.

For more information on NASAG meetings, please contact Sharon at lehighvalleynasag@gmail.com or on Meetup.com at LVNASAG, Lehigh Valley Narcissistic Abuse Survivor and Awareness Group.

Maryanne Jones Godbout DNP, PMHCNS-BC is a licensed and board certified Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 35 years of clinical practice in nursing, education and individual/group psychotherapy. She earned a baccalaureate degree in Nursing from St. Anselm College in 1976, a master degree in Community Mental Health from Boston College in 1980 and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Robert Morris University in 2012. Dr. Godbout has professional training in Group Psychotherapy from the Northeastern Group Psychotherapy Association, CBT from the Beck Institute, Trauma Informed Care from the International Association of Trauma Professionals and Mindfulness Self-Compassion from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

She utilizes evidence base treatment interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy and compassion focused therapy for the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. She works with adult ages 21 through the eighties. She is passionate about working with clients to provide direct experiences in lifelong learning to enhance well-being in the mind-body-heart and relationships. Her specialty areas are in role changes, adjustment and living with chronic medical conditions, personal goal achievement, grief work, stress management, and trainings in mindfulness and self-compassion skills for resiliency. Dr. Godbout is active in community service with the Cancer Support community, Junior league of the Lehigh Valley and Medical Alliance Association, BW NICE and a member of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. She is a speaker at local and national conferences on topics of Mindfulness, Effective Communication and Well Being practices. Dr. Godbout is certified as a Mindfulness Teacher, Yoga Instructor and trained as a teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Dr. Godbout uses a mind-body approach to identify underlying fears, old thought and body learnings (habits) and ways to embrace them to bring about whole health. She is passionate about working with you to increase your personal resiliency to live fully and well each day. While we often are unable to change personal vulnerabilities and life’s challenges, it is possible to improve our relationship to these factors and respond with more skill and ease. She offers
therapeutic and wellness coaching, compassion focused psychotherapy, stress management interventions to build self -agency and personal resilience.

Please contact Dr. Godbout 484-820-0555 Ext. 25 for more information about services and to discover and begin your personal health journey and transformation.

Rebecca has been working with the Healing Arts for most of her adult life. Starting with Yoga and evolving into harnessing subtle energy & utilizing her clairsentient abilities she offers clarity, peace & balance to her clients. Having a deep love for science and thirst for knowledge, her practice is always growing and evolving. She has certifications in Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, & is a Reiki Master/Teacher. After individuals experienced her healing sessions word has spread, and she has become a well-known Healer & Educator within her field.

​Working with her unique gifts she has helped clients ease physical ailments, find emotional balance, and deepen their connection with the Divine. Many clients have reached out reporting improved medical lab results, a new lease on life & a more vibrant physical appearance after continued sessions. She provides a deep sense of inner understanding, working to align you with your path, and help you find that space in which you can find joy in every moment, while acknowledging your own self – worth and beauty. She provides you with a game plan, so you can tend to yourself and helps you understand the importance that color/light frequency plays in your everyday life and vitality. She makes the complicated concepts easy to absorb so you can find that space of power and balance you may have been unable to grasp previously. She is a mother & wife and has a nurturing energy that makes you feel at peace simply by being in her presence.

She looks forward to working with you & helping you become the beautifully radiant being you were always meant to be.

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