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Experience Holistic Wellness Practitioners - Nurturing the Mind, Body & Spirit

Embark on a transformative journey with our Holistic Wellness Practitioners, experienced in the art of therapy and counseling. Through the fusion of healing arts, subtle energy, and intuitive guidance, we offer you a path to clarity, inner peace, and profound balance.


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Jenna Galligani, MS, LPC

Experience a profound journey with Jenna, a mental health expert with over 15 years of experience. Her integrative approach blends Western and Eastern healing philosophies, tapping into the layers of the mind, body, energy systems, and soul to facilitate deep balance and harmony. Jenna’s unique blend of holistic modalities, such as Brainspotting, intuitive energy work, and mind/body techniques, empowers clients to release blocks and limiting beliefs, awakening their soul’s truth.

By combining Brainspotting’s focus on the emotional brain with intuitive Reiki and energy work, Jenna facilitates quantum-level shifts, unlocking the potential for healing and expansion on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Through this transformative process, clients discover a profound connection to their intuition, embrace healing, and experience a deeper sense of connection with their true selves.

Jenna’s integrative approach fosters inner growth, guiding individuals towards a more authentic and fulfilled life. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and healing with Jenna’s comprehensive expertise and unique blend of modalities.

Anthony embraces a holistic counseling approach, recognizing the vital connection between mind, body, and spirit. By integrating holistic treatments, he addresses clients’ physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Anthony emphasizes the importance of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, nutrition, and activity levels in improving lives.

Incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices, he fosters healing and wellness. Anthony’s integrative approach reduces stress, reframes thoughts, and evaluates habits, empowering clients to achieve mental and physical restoration. He encourages healthy lifestyle changes, purpose-seeking, and finding balance in life.

As a passionate sports enthusiast, Anthony extends the same principles to athletes, focusing on the mind-body connection for mental performance training. Empowering athletes with enhanced confidence, focus, composure, and mental toughness, he addresses perfectionism, performance anxiety, frustration, injury recovery, and disinterest. Anthony’s ultimate goal is to liberate clients from destructive behaviors, nurturing new levels of mental, spiritual, and physical health.

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Lori has an extensive background in healthcare with various degrees and certifications. While working as a primary care provider, she realized conventional medicine fell short in meeting her patients’ needs. Determined to understand the body’s innate healing capabilities, she immersed herself in the study of functional medicine. Through three years of post-degree training at the Institute for Functional Medicine, she became one of only 1800 certified functional medicine practitioners worldwide. Her quest for knowledge continues as she actively participates in online forums, connecting with functional medicine practitioners globally.

Throughout her healthcare journey, Lori relied on her intuition to care for critically ill patients in the ICU. Aware that not everything can be explained by the five senses, she recognized this “extra sense” as a divine gift from God. Embracing her connection with universal healing energy, Lori pursued Reiki healing, becoming a Reiki Master. During her Reiki sessions, she employs intuitive healing techniques, fostering a holistic mind-body-soul connection for her patients’ personal healing journeys. Her innate intuition seamlessly complements the functional medicine approach, delving into root cause medicine.

In addition to her healthcare expertise, Lori’s compassionate nature led her to support individuals and their families at the end of life. By bringing her training, experiences, and spiritual gifts to the bedside of the dying, she creates a communal and healing experience during this transition. Lori extends her healing touch and intuitive abilities to people of all ages and animals during the life-death transition. Understanding the complex emotions of this process, she provides solace and support. Her spiritual gifts encompass psychic mediumship and reiki healing, cultivated under the guidance of the world-renowned British psychic mediumistic tutor, Andy Bing. With a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to healing, Lori’s holistic approach bridges the gap between conventional healthcare and alternative healing modalities. She dedicates herself to empowering her patients, helping them achieve optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Embrace Lori’s expertise and transformative healing for a journey of true transformation and wholeness.

Meet Kimberly L. Fredericks, MS, LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with 20+ years’ experience in mental health. She holds a Counseling Psychology degree from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. Passionate about spirituality and metaphysical healing, Kimberly integrates her diverse education and post-graduate training into an integrative wellness approach. As an eclectic counselor, she partners with clients to transcend past suffering, harness strengths, and embrace personal growth. With a warm and lighthearted demeanor, Kimberly creates a welcoming space for healing conversations.

Specializing in Past Life Regression/Therapy (certified by Dr. Brian L. Weiss), Brainspotting, Mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems, Kimberly is a Master Level Reiki practitioner. You can engage with her on a fee-for-service basis or utilize insurance coverage with select providers. Insurance-based services are available for those eligible for mental health diagnosis. Take the first step towards healing and growth with Kimberly’s compassionate guidance.

Meet Laurie Wagner Storlie, a Licensed RTT® Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Healing Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Love & Intimacy Coach, and Parent Support Coach. Laurie offers a range of healing workshops, classes, private hypnotherapy and RTT® sessions, and ongoing Coaching Programs.

Her work guides clients towards a profound understanding of their life journey, inner struggles, and relationship challenges. Laurie firmly believes that our subconscious mind holds the key to overcoming challenges and mental blocks. She emphasizes the significance of addressing past beliefs and teachings that may have dimmed our light and led to repetitive patterns in life. True transformation begins with openness to identify negative patterns, interrupt them, and embrace new, empowering ones.

“Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) changed my life profoundly. For years, I grappled with being seen as someone I wasn’t truly inside. RTT® helped me discover my authentic self buried beneath judgment and limiting beliefs. I now embody my true self and live life on my terms.” ~ Laurie Wagner Storlie

Ready to embrace your authentic self? Take that first step towards transformation. Shed old beliefs that no longer serve you and step into your true power, living the life you were meant to lead.

Laurie has been trained, licensed and certified by Marisa Peer. Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) trainer and best-selling author. She has nearly three decades of experience as a therapist and has been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.

Maureen’s passion lies in integrating trauma-informed care, psychological insights, energy healing techniques, and eco-therapy principles to empower individuals on their path to self-determination and self-awareness. As a skilled professional in social work, psycho-education, reiki, and eco-therapy, Maureen offers holistic care to people of all ages.

With a background in social work, Maureen comprehends the impact of social and environmental factors on clients’ lives and provides unwavering support in navigating these challenges. Her experience in mental and physical health settings equips her with profound insights into the human mind and behavior, guiding clients towards self-awareness and personal growth. Embracing energy work and eco-therapy, she fosters a deep connection between clients and their innate consciousness while promoting harmony with nature.

Maureen recognizes the intricate link between mind, body, and spirit. Through her reiki training, she skillfully channels positive energy to restore wellness. Utilizing her intuitive empathy, Maureen creates a safe, nurturing environment, fostering trust and facilitating personal growth. With a compassionate and client-centered approach, she empowers individuals to self-attune, unlocking their full potential and achieving lasting transformation.

From addressing emotional challenges to relationship issues and personal growth goals, Maureen is committed to guiding clients towards holistic well-being and self-realization. Embrace your journey of healing and growth with Maureen’s expert support.

Meet Maryanne Jones Godbout DNP, PMHCNS-BC, a seasoned Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 35 years of experience in nursing, education, and psychotherapy. Her impressive academic journey includes a baccalaureate degree in Nursing, a master’s degree in Community Mental Health, and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. With a wealth of professional training, she is certified in Group Psychotherapy, CBT, Trauma Informed Care, and Mindfulness Self-Compassion.

Dr. Godbout’s expertise lies in evidence-based treatment interventions, specializing in anxiety and mood disorders using cognitive behavioral therapy and compassion-focused therapy. She is dedicated to working with adults, ages 21 to their eighties, providing lifelong learning experiences to promote well-being in mind, body, heart, and relationships. Her areas of specialization encompass role changes, adjustment to chronic medical conditions, personal goal achievement, grief work, stress management, and training in mindfulness and self-compassion skills for resilience.

An active advocate in community service, Dr. Godbout engages with organizations like the Cancer Support community, Junior league of the Lehigh Valley, and Medical Alliance Association. She is a valued member of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and shares her wisdom as a speaker at local and national conferences on Mindfulness, Effective Communication, and Well-Being practices.

With a focus on mind-body integration, Dr. Godbout helps identify underlying fears, old thought patterns, and body learnings, guiding clients to embrace them for whole health. Her ultimate passion is to increase your personal resiliency, enabling you to embrace each day fully and live well. Although we cannot change personal vulnerabilities and life’s challenges, Dr. Godbout believes in improving our relationship with these factors, responding with skill and ease.Through therapeutic and wellness coaching, compassion-focused psychotherapy, and stress management interventions, she empowers you to build self-agency and personal resilience. Embrace a transformative journey with Dr. Maryanne Jones Godbout, and discover the path to holistic well-being.

Please contact Dr. Godbout 484-820-0555 Ext. 25 for more information about services and to discover and begin your personal health journey and transformation.

Discover the transformative world of Healing Arts with Rebecca, a dedicated practitioner who has immersed herself in this realm for much of her adult life. From the foundations of Yoga to the exploration of subtle energy and her innate clairsentient abilities, she offers her clients clarity, peace, and balance. Fueling her passion for science and knowledge, Rebecca’s practice is a constant journey of growth and evolution.

With an impressive array of certifications in Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, and Reiki Mastery, she has earned her reputation as a well-known Healer and Educator in her field. Through her unique gifts, she has helped countless clients ease physical ailments, achieve emotional equilibrium, and strengthen their connection with the Divine.

The impact of her healing sessions has been profound, with clients sharing stories of improved medical lab results, newfound zest for life, and a radiant physical appearance after continued sessions. Rebecca provides a profound sense of inner understanding, guiding you towards alignment with your true path and discovering joy in every moment while embracing your self-worth and beauty.

Through personalized guidance and a keen understanding of the significance of color and light frequency in everyday life, she equips you with a game plan for self-nurturing and empowerment. Rebecca has a special talent for simplifying complex concepts, allowing you to grasp the power and balance that may have eluded you in the past.

As a mother and wife, her nurturing energy creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort in her presence. Rebecca eagerly looks forward to embarking on this healing journey with you, supporting your transformation into the beautifully radiant being you were always meant to be. Embrace the Healing Arts and discover the profound potential that lies within you.

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