Jenna Galligani, MS, LPC is a Licensed Therapist with 15 years of experience in helping individuals overcome challenges.  She pulls from her experience as a psychotherapist and combines it with alternative approaches with a focus on balancing mind, body, and spirit.  She uses energy modalities such as Intuitive Reiki, tapping (EFT), Brain Spotting, and Meditation/Mindfulness to empower women to live with more purpose and joy!  Jenna offers a variety of packages and classes to meet the needs of each individual.  Check out the About page for more info on Jenna or the Calendar page for upcoming Reiki classes and other workshops!… Read More

Kimberly L. Fredericks, MS, LPC, owner of New Beginnings Wellness, LLC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Past Life Therapy Practitioner. Professionally trained by Dr. Linda Backman and internationally renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss, Kimberly has been practicing Past Life Regression since 2014. A “traditionally” educated and trained therapist (20+ years) in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Kimberly has always known there is more to what can help us on our journey that transcends our five senses. Deeply drawn over the course of her life toward spirituality and metaphysical knowledge and approaches to healing, she has sought to integrate her education, experience, and training into an integrative holistic wellness approach. Drawing from her Counseling Psychology education, post-graduate professional trainings over the course of her career, including Mindfulness, Intuitive Reiki, hypnosis, and Past Life Therapy her passion is rooted in helping fellow souls on their journey toward growth, healing and wellness. Utilizing regression hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy is used as a modality to access memories and/or experiences to assist the participant with understanding and releasing emotional, psychological, physical, and/or spirit energy that may be hindering the participant’s healing and development. Utilized in multiple major hospital systems across the country, Reiki is a gentle, safe, and hands-on (or off) healing practice. As an intuitive Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Kimberly is attuned as a conduit for universal life energy which promotes relaxation, balancing, and healing of body, mind, and spirit.

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