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Reiki uses the transfer of energy through a “laying of the hands” on the individual in a variety of hand positions that promote relaxation, reduction of physical symptoms/illnesses, and improved emotional health. This modality can be tailored to fit specific needs of the individual.

What to expect during a Reiki session:

The client will lay on a massage table fully clothed with the option of a blanket for warmth. The Reiki Practitioner will lay their hands on the client with light pressure. The hand positions tend to focus on the main systems of the body and organs. Common hand positions are on the head, over the heart, stomach area, back, and legs. The Practitioner can tailor the hand positions to the needs of the client. During a Reiki session, the client is encouraged to focus on deep breathing to help stimulate the body’s natural relaxation process. Some clients report sensations of warmth, a slowing of their breath, tingling, and other symptoms of deep relaxation.

Here are just some of the possible benefits experienced after a Reiki Session:

  • Relieve pain
  • Speed healing process
  • Reduce stress & stress reactions
  • Create a deep state of relaxation
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Lower blood pressure & slow respiration
  • Help insomnia
  • Balance the body’s energies
  • Loosen up blocked energy
  • Vitalize both body & spirit
  • Re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being
  • Cleanse/purify body of toxins
  • A holistic healing method that complements any other form of treatment

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