Testimonials from our Clients....

“I came to Jenna and Holistic Awakenings at the beginning of December, 2019. I was in excruciating physical pain, and had just received yet another diagnosis of “incurable” from a conventional medical doctor. Over forty years of seeking relief had only moved my pain from one location in my body to another, from neck, to lower back, to hips, to pelvis. I had enough. I am 63 years old, and

I came to Jenna resolute in my decision that if this last chance effort to fix what was wrong with me didn’t work, I would end my life with my stash of hoarded narcotics. Instead, I connected to a healing of my body, spirit, and mind from the inside out, in ways I never imagined possible. Through the work with Jenna, facilitated by her gentle spirit, her healing Reiki energy, and her personal spiritual connection, I have come to understand my own relationship with the Divine, and now give thanks that my body continued to try to get my attention through all these years of pain.

I just wasn’t listening before. Now I am.

Jenna changed my life. Yesterday I went to a checkup at the pelvic pain doctor who found no trace of the previously “incurable” pelvic disease. The energy within me flows like a clear, cool, clean, fresh mountain stream. I am filled with light and joy. And my narcotic stash? I’ve thrown them away.

Come to Holistic Awakenings. Meet Jenna. Bring all your sludgy doubts. You will be changed when you realize the light that is waiting to wake up inside you.”

-Mary Bowen , January, 2020

Brainspotting Testimonials

Phenomenal!! I couldn’t tell you exactly what she did only that with one single session of brainspotting I felt rejuvenated like I had been at a spa for a month! Both my body and mind felt more aligned and I strongly recommend this especially to anyone with trauma they wish to clear from their energy field!
-Michelle Regan Zamora

“Brainspotting is shocking…just wow.  It’s that wow amazing incredible experience…you just have to do it!!!”

-Karen, January 2020

“Brainspotting is like a chiropractor adjustment for the soul”

-Single mom of two, August 2019

“Here are some updates on my son Zavion and I:

Since the session the anxiety he usually encounters right before a game or a test subsided. He recalls being in a calmer state.

As for me, being more mindful of setting boundaries and implementing self-care has brought me to a new breakthrough.

I discovered the majority if not all of my trust issues stem from a condition called dismissive avoidance.

It explains so much of my bottled-up pain and rejection to be close to anyone.

Now that I have a deeper awareness, I can better understand what steps I need to take…. baby steps.

Thanks again for helping me along this journey.”

-Single mom of one on a spiritual awakening, February 2020

Our Practitioners...

My session with Rebecca was enlightening. She shined light on areas that were buried and reflected upon conflicted areas with grace and love.

She is honest and authentically gifted with her abilities. I look forward to my next session with her. 


outline of woman sitting with mandalas drawn inside the body
reiki symbol

This experience was truly life changing! Rebecca was incredible to work with and made the experience so comfortable!

I can’t recommend her and this enough! 


I felt superbly relaxed after my session! Since this was my first Reiki session I was told what to expect during the session and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire time on the table.  I connected with each statement made by Rebecca and was glad that some homework has been given so that I may live and love my best life. I plan on going back again.  


Rebecca is an amazing woman and you can feel her positive, uplifting, and relaxing energy just talking with her! After a session with her I felt like someone had hit the reset button on me and the best part is she takes the time to talk to you about keeping the good feelings whether physical or emotional to continue in your daily life!I will definitely be seeing her again! 


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