Meet Jenna Galligani, MS, LPC

Owner, Holistic Awakenings LLC
Personal Transformation Coach
Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher

Are you ready to awaken your soul’s truth to tap into more intuition, healing, and connection?

I believe the synchronicities of life are the bread crumbs of our journey, to help us realign with our authentic self and purpose.  I’m honored that you have paused on my page, as I hope you will find a bread crumb or two here on your journey.

A spiritual journey can be filled with many bumps, twists, and turns.  At times, it may feel like it came out of nowhere to knock you off your feet and other times you may just have a subtle knowing inside that something is changing.  It is a beautiful experience filled with excitement, expansion, and new possibilities.  However, you’ve probably noticed it can also leave you feeling confused, lost, and even a little lonely.

I’ve experienced all of the above…feeling dizzy and out of balance from the curve ball of life thrown at me to the gentle shift into greater awareness.  I believe this is a life long journey that will continue to grow as we continue to offer it nourishment as we would offer a seed water to grow into a beautiful flower.

A Spiritual journey is a path to reconnecting with our soul aka our true self.  Many times life experiences cause us to feel disconnected from this part of us.  It’s often the hurt and pain that creates this separation.  As we heal these layers of hurt we can begin to feel whole again. 

It’s about creating an awareness of our inner truth and beginning to truly trust one’s self.  This deep bond with our soul is there just waiting for us to tap into it.  We all have this innate ability to rediscover our soul’s truth.  It starts with the conscious decision to begin choosing differently so that we can break the unbeneficial patterns in our life, and begin to open up to new possibilities in life.

As we begin healing our wounds of the past, begin tapping into our truth, and connecting with our innate inner wisdom, we will begin to experience the subtle changes of awakening to true happiness and one’s purpose.

Perhaps, you have begun to hear that little whisper inside telling you there is something more to life.  That it’s not really about what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, or what kind of title you have.  It’s human nature to want to enjoy the type of 3D experiences, however, when they become the focus of one’s life they can derail us from connecting with our authentic self and the true joy of life.

The spiritual journey is not about being totally free of all fears and insecurities.  It is human to have these struggles.  Instead it is about being able to honor them through the light of our soul.  As we discover this inner peace we can more gracefully shift through the shadows as they arise.  We create a conscious awareness that allows us to cultivate intentional choices instead of those fears blindly leading us down an unwanted path

Are you ready to truly tap into your unique trueness…the essence of you and discover the power within?  I believe in you.  I know you have the ability to awaken your inner truth and connect with your soul.  I know there’s a beautiful voice in you ready to be set free and finally speak your truth with love and confidence.  There’s an innate intuition just waiting for you to tap into it.  it’s time to make the choice to start honoring your true self, finding the peace within, and living a more joyful life.

I have been right where you are…knowing something needed to change, yet, not knowing how to get there.  It was when I finally got brutally honest with myself and declared it was time to take action, that I felt my life transforming.  I always knew it was in there…somewhere buried under so much crap from life.  I was finally ready to take the next step towards freedom. 

I am grateful for my career and it’s been pretty successful with 15 plus years’ working in the mental health field empowering survivors of sexual assault/rape to thrive, working in outpatient therapy for Lehigh Valley Hospital, building a private practice, and opening a holistic center.  However, with all of these successes, why did I feel like something was still missing?  Don’t get me wrong, I am proud and grateful for my accomplishments, yet, I couldn’t deny this sixth sense telling me there was something more I needed.

And just when I thought I was getting on more stable ground in my life, the Universe threw another curve ball at me.  I went from having partial sight to being completely blind. I was now totally blind and searching even more to find that part of me that was still MIA.  Drawing upon my stubborn tendencies helped me find the determination to overcome and thrive.  I discovered the power to own it instead of it owning me. I had to re-invent how I lived and worked…it was a complete overhaul of my life.  Looking back at this major transition in my life, I now realize how crucial this was in leading me to the next step in connecting with myself on a soul level.

We all have these moments in our lives where we are faced with an opportunity for growth and expansion, yet, so often we choose to curl up in a little ball and hide from our reality.  Going blind in 2012 was a defining moment for me.  In about a week I went from seeing color, faces and Nature in all its beauty, to nothing but light and dark.  Not even shapes or shadows were in my newfound reality.  It shook me to my core.  I felt like I was being spun around on this crazy ride and couldn’t find my way off to more stable grounds.  This was one of those moments where I had to choose my reality.  I could have let this hold me back and give in to all the challenges of being blind.  Instead, I tapped into my inner power and found a way to dust myself off and create a life that I love.

I dove deep into my journey of awakening my authentic self, which was definitely filled with challenges, sweat, and tears.  I uncovered my own spiritual beliefs and awakened my intuitive abilities.  I found stillness in my breath during meditation, strength in my thoughts, connected with my body during Yoga, and began working with my body’s subtle energy systems as used in Reiki. I embraced the mind, body, soul approach to healing and reconnected with my true self.

I know the doubt you might be feeling.  Those negative thoughts telling you it will not work for you.  The inner critic convincing you that you’re not good enough, not spiritual enough, strong enough, capable, or any other limiting belief you can think of.  These thoughts freeze you in your tracks making you want to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world. I know because I have lived them too.

I wanted to hide at first and ignore the truth, however, at a certain point I started feeling this whisper from within telling me I needed to take action.  Little did I know at this point it was the start of me tapping into my Intuition.  It was my soul speaking directly to me and giving me direction and hope.

As I plunged into healing, energy work, and my spirituality, I began connecting on a deeper level with my true self, more than I could have even imagined.  Even though the early days of coping with my blindness was filled with tears and anger at times, I knew from this very sacred place within that I lost my vision so that I could finally truly see.

Years later, I have witnessed this innate knowing to come to fruition.  I may not see the physical face of my loved ones or the beauty of a sunset, however, I see beyond the physical into the energy of the soul and the moment.  My inner vision is no longer smeared with cloudy spots of confusion or self-doubt.  I have tapped into my soul’s truth.  I see beyond the physical world into one filled with energy, knowing, and a deep sense of peace that comes from trusting my Intuition.

I want this for you.  You too have this ability to tap into your Intuition and feel the cloudy inner fog roll away to reveal this inner knowing and clarity.  This inner wisdom exists within you as well.

I can help you find your way.  I will guide you to reconnect to your voice, awaken your innate intuition, and discover the healing potential from connecting to your soul.   I will empower you in remembering who you truly are and how to shine bright.  It’s time to choose your reality!

Buddha Stupa
Buddha Stupa

Some fun and random facts about me…

  • I recently took a trip to Sedona, AZ. One of my favorite moments on the trip is when I got to feel the vibration of the energy at the Buddhist Stupa vortex.
  • I love trying new things. I even tried barefoot hiking once…a little too Ouchy for me!
  • I taught the martial arts to blind and visually impaired children and adolescents when I was 17.
  • I grew up vacationing in a little town on the coast of Maine. I continue to return almost yearly to this spot that is one of the most peaceful places on Earth that I know.
  • Even though I am completely blind, I can see more then a person with perfect vision at times…I am very Intune with energy and vibrations of the universe around us.  This lets me see beyond what is right in front of us!
  • My guide dog is a spunky black lab named Dori.
  • I recently got over my fear of flying and now I think planes are amazing. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of flying because I now think it is fun!
You deserve to live a life with joy, purpose, and feeling completely worthy! I believe in you and I am here to support you on this voyage to your awakened self!
Jenna at center with dory on lap
Me with My Guide Dog, Dori

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